View Leaderboard

This page describes the view leaderboard function that is accessed by clicking the view button under the List Leaderboards (sub section of Leaderboards) link in the admin panel. The view leaderboard function is divided into the following tabs and sections:

Quick View

Provides a quick overview of the leaderboard details that have been set by the administrator and linked quizzes. To edit the leaderboard from this page, you can click the Edit Leaderboard Details button found at the bottom of the View Leaderboard column.


Here you will find some analytics regarding the leaderboard (not yet implemented)


Here you can attach the leaderboard to quizzes and deattach them. Only quizzes that you have ticked the "Rank Quiz Takers" option will be listed here. If you wish to add a quiz to the leaderboard that is not available, be sure to edit the appropriate quiz. Note that if you select multiple quizzes to attach the leaderboard to, the ranks will only be calculated for takers that have taken all the attached quizzes. The leaderboard will calculate their first quiz attempt only.