View File

The view file function, found on the data table page of List Files on the navigation pane of the admin panel under Files, allows administrators to view the details of the file, analytics about the file, and attach the file to episodes/videos. Below you will find the details of each tab and the functions describe herein:

Quick View

View File

Displays details about the file as set in the Add File function and editable via the Edit File function by clicking the Edit File Details button at the bottom of this column.

Linked Episodes

Lists all episodes that this file is linked to and available from for downloading by audience members.


The analytics shows the downloads requested over a set period of time. At the bottom of the page, you can modify the time scale that is presented on the analytics graph. The options available are self explanatory.


A listing of all available episodes along with a tick box is presented on this page. Tick the box next to the episode you wish to add access to the file for. If you wish to remove access to the file from a particular episode, you can untick the box. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom to update the episodes that the file is available from.