This page describes the streaming functionality of a previously created live stream in the admin panel. This is the function that will allow you to broadcast your stream to your audience. Below describes the streaming function in detail.

Being Broadcast

When the page initially loads, there are few options, the stream has not yet started. To open the broadcast room, click the Open Broadcast Room, this will make the live stream page viewable on the platform and if you have selected to broadcast the event, a notification will appear on the end-user platform. If you selected to enable the chatroom feature, the chatroom will be activated. You will be able to chat with anyone already on the page immediately and view a list of those currently on the page.

To send a private message to someone within a chatroom, click their name under participants and an additional box will pop up allowing you to type your private message. No other users except for the user intended and you will be able to see this message.

Before you activate your webcam, please ensure that your web browser is allowing access. On Chrome, click the lock icon to the left of the page URL, next to the Camera option in the dropdown, select Allow. You are now ready to activate the webcam.

Live Stream Functions

When you are ready to start your webcam, click Activate Webcam. A preview of your webcam will appear on the page to indicate that the webcam is functioning properly. If you do not see this, ensure you have activated your webcam access in your web browser as explained above. If your webcam is indeed active, you will need to ensure that your webcam is functioning correctly.

Additional options will appear once the webcam is active, below describes these options:

  • Enable Screen Share - Allows you to share your screen, a certain application, or a certain tab. Note that any activity that you share via the screen share is not recorded at this time (if you selected to convert the stream into a video at the end of the broadcast)
  • Bandwidth - Allows you to select the quality of the stream you are sending to the server, we recommend using No Limit to allow the system to use the maximum bandwidth possible.
  • Mute - Mutes your microphone so that end-users cannot hear you.
  • Unmute - Reactivates your microphone if previously muted.
  • Cut Video Feed - Disables the video feed, you can reactivate the feed if you need, this function can be used if you need to take a break or require some off-air time.
  • Reactivate Webcam - Reactivates your webcam if you previously clicked the Cut Video Feed button.
  • End Broadcast - Closes the live stream event permanently and begins to convert the stream into a video if the option to convert was selected. Note that you cannot come back for any reason to start the stream again once you click this button and will need to create a new live stream if you wish to resume streaming.
  • Edit Stream (button) - Allows you to change the live stream options set when creating the stream. It will open in a new window as to note disturb your streaming session. End-users already on the page will not see any changes you make but those joining in the future will.