My Subscription

The My Subscription section of the Dashboard function in the admin panel allows administrators to change their Flixout subscription, upgrading or downgrading without the need to contact Flixout. Your current subscription will be listed on the page where you can modify the billing cycle contract if you wish. You can also request cancellation by viewing your current subscription.

Available subscriptions are also listed below the details of your current subscription. Choosing an available subscription will start the process to change your current subscription to the new selection. If you have a custom subscription that was setup for you by Flixout staff, you will not be able to change the subscription via this page, you must contact Flixout instead to renegotiate the terms of your contract.

Additional addons are also available for viewing on this page. Addons can be one-time costs or recurring items that can be added to your current subscription. If an addon is included with your subscription, you will see that it is included and it will not be possible to add the addon to your channel again.