List Users

You may view users registered on your platform by clicking the Users link from the navigation menu. A sub menu will open Create Users along with the different states a user can be in. The states available are as follows

  • Admins
  • Stars
  • Affiliates
  • Active
  • Pending
  • Suspended
  • All

Clicking these states will bring up a list of the users that match the selected state. A user can belong to multiple states, if you are unsure what state a user is in, we recommend clicking the All link.

Upon choosing a state, a table will be presented with the users matching that state filter. You may sort the table by clicking on the column type at the top. Alternatively if you are searching for a particular user, you can use the Search function above the table which will match the data presented in the table but not necessarily the data assigned to the user but not shown in the table.


Clicking the View button next to the respective user will bring up the view user function.


Clicking the Edit button next to the respective user will bring up the edit user function.


Clicking the Delete button next to the respective user will delete the user from the system.