List Subscriptions

This section describes the functionality of the List Subscriptions link. This can be accessed by clicking Subscriptions in the admin panel and clicking one of the following:

  • Active Subscriptions - Lists subscriptions that are active
  • Suspended Subscriptions - Lists subscriptions that are suspended due to an overdue invoice
  • Cancelled Subscriptions - Lists subscriptions that have been cancelled

Each of these subsections allows an administrator to sort subscriptions based on their status and presents the following data in an easy to read data table with the following variables:

  • Member - Name of the member that the subscription belongs to
  • Plan - Name of the plan that the subscription references
  • Recurring - The recurring fee paid per billing cycle
  • Billing Cycle - How often the recurring fee is paid
  • Start date - When the subscription was started
  • Last Payment - When the last payment was made for the associated subscription
  • Invoices - The total invoice count that is associated with this subscription
  • View - View the details of the subscription
  • Edit - Change the settings of the selected subscription
  • Cancel - Cancel the subscription and cease billing immediately