List Promotions

This section describes the functionality of the List Promotions link. This can be accessed by clicking Promotions in the admin panel and selecting the List Promotions submenu item. A data table will appear with the following tabs organizing the same data table depending on a promotion's current status:

Promotion Status Tabs

  • Active Promotions - Promotions that are currently running on your channel
  • Pending Promotions - Promotions that are ready to run on your channel once the current date matches the set start date
  • Expired Promotions - Promotions that were previously run on your channel but have since expired due to reaching their end date or maximum uses.

Promotions Table

The following table data appears on each status page. You will find the column descriptions next to the column titles.

  • Coupon - The unique code required to activate the promotion as set in the code field
  • Type - The type of promotion (Percent, Amount, or Trial)
  • Start Date - The date that the promotion started
  • Expiry - The date that the promotion was set to expire
  • # Plans - The numbers of plans that the promotion is associated with
  • Uses - How many times the promotion has been used
  • Max Uses - How many times the promotion can be used before it is set to expire
  • Edit - Change attributes of the promotion
  • Expire - Immediately expire the promotion and prevent further use by members. Expired promotions to not end any promotions attached to existing subscriptions that the promotion was applied to by the members previously.