List Live Streams

The list live streams function available under the Live Streaming section of the admin panel presents a data table of your live stream events both those you have created and not yet streamed and those previously stream. Below you will find a description of each data table point presented:

Data Table

  • Course - The name of the course that the live stream is assigned to
  • Chapter - The name of the chapter that the live stream is assigned to
  • Title - Name of the live stream event as presented to end-users
  • Order - The order that the live stream event is presented while navigating the end-user platform in relation to other videos and live stream events in the same category
  • Comments - The numbers of comments end-users have posted on the live stream page
  • Stream (button) - This button will bring you to the streaming function to begin streaming the event. This button is unavailable and disabled once you click the End Broadcast.
  • Edit (button) - Edit the details and parameters of the live stream
  • Delete (button) - Delete the live stream from the system and any associated content.