List Leaderboards

The list leaderboard function accessed via the Leaderboards menu item in the admin panel allows administrators to see the leaderboards currently setup within the platform. Upon clicking the link, the administrator is presented with a data table containing the following fields which are described below:

Data Table

  • Leaderboard Name - Name of the leaderboard as presented to audience members and navigation links
  • Linked Quizzes - The number of quizzes linked to the leaderboard
  • Current Participants - The number of participants that have their quiz results currently ranked in the leaderboard
  • Start Date - The start date that the leaderboard began tracking quiz results (blank if it began when the leaderboard was created)
  • End Date - The date that the leaderboard will stop tracking quiz results (blank if it continues indefinitely)
  • View (button) - View quick details about the leaderboard including the details, analytics, and the ability to attach the leaderboard to quizzes
  • Edit (button) - Edit the details of the leaderboard
  • Destroy (button) - Delete the leaderboard and all associated records