List Invoices

The list invoices function of the admin panel will display a data table with invoices that match the selection criteria. To access the list invoices function, click the Invoices button in the admin panel and submenu will appear with the following options. Those options that will list invoices matching the selection criteria are bold for your convenience.

  • Create Invoice
  • All Invoices
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Paid Invoices
  • Overdue Invoices
  • Cancelled Invoices
  • Refunded Invoices
  • Draft Invoices

Data Field

Upon making a selection, you will be presented with a data table consisting of the following fields. The fields are listed below along with a brief description of their function.

  • Member - Name of the member associated with the invoice referenced by the row
  • Status - Current status of the invoice which has the following options:
    • Draft - Not yet published or viewable by the user
    • Unpaid - An invoice that has been published, is viewable by the user, is not overdue, and has not been paid in full
    • Overdue - An invoice that has been published, is viewable by the user, and is overdue as it has not been paid in full
    • Paid - An invoice that has been paid in full
    • Cancelled - An invoice that was previously published and viewable but was cancelled by the system or an administrator
    • Refunded - An invoice that was previously paid in full but has been refunded, in full or in part
    • Disputed - An invoice that was previously paid but a dispute was received by the payment gateway. Disputed payments may require a timely response, check your gateway interface for additional details
    • Collections - An invoice that is delinquent and has been passed to a collections agency, this must be set manually by an administrator
  • Invoice Number - The unique invoice number that can be referenced by both administrators and users
  • Due Date - The date that the invoice is due
  • Date Paid - The date that the invoice was paid, if applicable
  • Total - The total amount due from a sum of all line item subtotals
  • Total Outstanding - The amount on the invoice that has yet to be paid
  • View - The ability to view the invoice, capture payment, change the invoice status, and make transaction entries to the invoice
  • Edit - Edit the content of the invoice including line items and due date
  • Cancel - Cancels the invoice and prevents it payment from being captured by the system