Edit Subscription

The edit subscription function allows administrators to edit existing subscriptions, customizing or changing individual subscriptions as required. If the subscription is based solely off a one time fee, it cannot be edited and attempts to edit the subscription will result in an error message.

Form Details

The following options are available via the form details, some options can be edited and some are there for ease of viewing.

  • Member - Name of the member the subscription is associated with, this cannot be edited
  • Plan - Name of the plan the subscription is associated with, this cannot be edited
  • First Billing Cycle Fee - The total charged to the subscriber when they initially subscribed to the subscription (one time fee + recurring fee if applicable), this cannot be edited
  • Billing Cycle - How often the subscriber is charged the Recurring Billing Cycle Fee
  • Payment Method - The default payment method used to pay invoices associated with the subscription
  • Recurring Billing Cycle Fee - The amount charged per billing cycle for the subscription
  • Start Date - The date the subscription began, this cannot be changed
  • End Date - The date that the subscription is scheduled to end and the content become accessible without continued subscription payment, if applicable
  • End After X Cycles - The number of billing cycles that must be paid before the subscription turns into an owned license and the subscriber is no longer charged, if applicable
  • Current Cycle Count - The number of billing cycles that have occurred since the start of the subscription, this cannot be edited.
  • Next Due Date - The next due date of the next invoice generated, optional
  • Next Renewal Date -  The next renewal date that should generate an invoice for the subscription, optional
  • Is Suspended (Check to Suspend Plan-prevent user access) - Suspends the users access to content and will not generate further invoices until all outstanding invoices are paid
  • Is Cancelled (Check to Cancel Plan) - Tick this box to cancel the user's subscription, no further invoices will be generated and the user will lose access to content immediately. Any outstanding invoice associated with the subscription not yet paid will be cancelled.
  • Save Subscription Edit - Saves the changes made on the page and displays the subscription