Edit Live Stream

The edit live stream function accessible under the data table of List Live Streams in the admin panel within the Live Streaming menu option of the navigation allows you to make changes to any previously created live streams, both those scheduled in the future and live streams that have ended. Below will describe the form fields associated with this function:

Form Fields

  • Parent Course/Chapter - The category that the live streaming event will be listed under.
  • Name - Name of the live streaming event that will be displayed to end-users.
  • URL Friendly Name - An alpha numeric entry (including dashes and underscores) that will be used for navigational purposes. It will appear in the URL bar and for SEO purposes.
  • Order - Order of the live streaming event in relationship to other videos or streaming events in the same category selected above.
  • Description - A description of the streaming event that will be displayed on the streaming events page.
  • Short Description - A short version of the description that will be displayed in navigation areas of the platform and be presented as the description of the page to search engines.
  • Tags - Tags are keywords that will make it easier to search for the streaming event within the platform. They will also be presented as the page's keywords to search engines.
  • Image - An image that will appear in navigation menu items throughout the platform. If no image is chosen, a default placeholder image will be substituted. It is recommended you pick an image.
  • Alert Globally When Live - Tick this to activate a scrolling alert that will appear throughout the platform to draw attention to your streaming event once you begin streaming.
  • Save as Video after Broadcast - Tick this if you would like your streaming event recorded and then the event converted into a video after the broadcast has ended. Note that screenshares will not be recorded or saved at this time, only the main video source.
  • Enable Live Chat - Tick this to enable the live chat feature on the video streaming page to interact with the audience and have audience members interact with one another.
  • Stream is Visible - Tick this to display the stream page and allow it to be navigated to even if the streaming event has yet to start
  • Free to Watch - Tick this if no subscription is required to watch this event.
  • Watch without Registration - Tick this if visitors can watch without being a member of your channel. Option only available with Free to Watch ticked.
  • Enable Pay-Per-View - Tick this if you want audience members to pay a fee for watching this streaming event. Note that if a audience member's subscribed plan includes PPV, then then those subscribed to the plan will not need to pay.
  • PPV Price - The pay-per-view price to charge members.
  • Time Allowed to Watch - Number of times a user can tune in or watch the resulting video (if applicable) before they must pay again.
  • Scheduled Broadcast Date - Date you plan to stream the content if in the future and you want the stream page to be visible before then. Good for grabbing attention of visitors so they know when to come back to watch.
  • Save Changes - Saves the changes you made to the fields above. You will be returned to the edit page with a success message upon saving if there were no errors.