Edit File

The edit file function, accessible via the Edit button on the data page of the List Files function, can be used to change details about the file. The options available via this function are similar to the Add File function. If you wish to add/remove which episode(s) this file is attached to, please see the View File function. The following form fields are presented here for your reference along with a description:

Form Fields

  • Name - A short name that accurately describes the file, this will be the value of the link on the episode/live stream page.
  • Icon - Choose an icon from the dropdown list the accurately reflect the file being uploaded to help your audience anticipate what they are downloading.
  • Description - A short description of the file shown when hovering over the file button on the episode/live stream page.
  • File - Upload the file that you wish to share (maximum size is 100MB), this will replace the existing file.
  • Save Changes - Click this button to save the fields on this page and upload the new file (if applicable). Note that depending on the size of the file and your internet speed, this may take some time if you are uploading a new file. No progress bar is available to show the progress.