Delete User

This page describes the delete user functionality in detail. To delete a user, you can click the Delete button associated with a user entry when listing a user type. Deleting a user is permanent and irrevocable. We recommend suspending users that should no longer be able to access the platform instead of deleting them.

What's deleted?

When you delete a user, the following items will be permanently and irrevocably deleted from the platform as well:

  • All user data
  • All quiz data associated with the user
  • Comments made by the user
  • Ratings made by the user
  • User favorites
  • User created playlists
  • Payment methods on file
  • All subscriptions associated with the user
  • All invoices associated with the user
  • All tickets associated with the user
  • Data collected in reports and analytics associated with the user
  • Communication records made with the user
  • Activity recorded when the user was logged in with the associated user account
  • Social account links associated with the user account

Due to the sheer number of data points deleted by this action, unless there is a valid reason, we highly recommend suspending the user instead. Deletion of data cannot be retrieved and it is recommended to keep a record of user data for legal reasons. We recommend consulting with an attorney regarding data retention laws in the jurisdiction you operate in as Flixout cannot give any advice on the subject.