Create Subscription

The create subscription functionality allows an administrator to create a new subscription for a user manually. A subscription gives an audience member access to restricted content that requires payment before accessing. This admin panel function is useful when needing to create a custom plan based off an existing plan with a few tweaks or when assisting a user due to difficulties creating a subscription themselves.


The user you wish to create a subscription for should exist previously. If the user has not already registered on the platform, you can create the user manually. The plan you wish to subscribe the user to or customize the subscription for should also already exist. If the plan does not exist, you should create the plan before continuing.

Form Details

To create a new subscription for a user, fill in the following details before continuing:

  • Member - Select the member that you wish to create the subscription for
  • Plan - Select the plan that the member will be subscribing to
  • Billing Cycle - Select the billing cycle of the plan the subscriber wishes to commit to (please note that if you select a billing cycle that is not active on the plan, you will be returned to this page with an error message. The billing cycle should be enabled on the plan before continuing.
  • Customize Plan - Tick this box if you wish to customize certain aspects of the plan for this particular user.
  • Create Plan (button) - This will create the subscription for the user. If you have not ticked the Customize Plan option, you will be displayed the user invoice to make payment. If the Customize Plan option was selected, you will be presented with options to customize the plan

Customized Subscription

The following fields are options for customizing the plan for the existing user. Changing the values will not affect other subscribers utilizing this plan.

  • Payment Method - The payment method that will be used to pay for the subscription
  • First Billing Cycle Fee - The setup fee charged to the user for choosing this plan (if applicable, required if one-time billing cycle)
  • Recurring Billing Cycle Fee - The fee charged on a recurring basis based on the billing cycle chosen (required unless the billing cycle is one-time)
  • Start Date - The date that this subscription is set to start and invoice is due
  • End Date - The date that the subscription is set to end and the subscription becomes owned (if applicable, leave blank to continue billing indefinitely or until cancelled by user)
  • End After X Cycles - Number of billing cycles to charge the user before the plan becomes owned and the subscription is no longer charged to the audience member. The user will have unlimited access when this happens. Leave blank to continue billing indefinitely or until cancelled by user.
  • Create Customized Plan (button) - Creates the customized subscription for the selected user with the variables entered in the fields above. A new subscription email is sent and you are displayed the invoice which must be paid before the subscription is activated.