Create Quiz

The create quiz function, located under the Quizzes section of the navigation pane inside the admin panel allows you to create a new quiz. A quiz is a way to test your audiences knowledge and comprehension of any previously watched video. Below you will find the form fields and a description of each to assist you when creating a new quiz:

Form Fields

  • Episode - Select the episode (video) you wish to attach the quiz to initially. You may select addition episodes if you wish to reuse the quiz at a later time.
  • Name - Give the quiz a title which will be presented in navigation links and on the quiz page.
  • URL Friendly Name - Enter an alpha numeric name (which can include underscores and dashes) that will be referenced when navigating, appear in the URL bar, and displayed to search engines for SEO.
  • Passing Grade - The number of questions that must be right as a percentage to pass the quiz (Take Note: entering 80 =  80%, entering .8 = 0.8%)
  • Describe - Give the quiz a description that will be presented when taking the quiz and in navigation menus
  • Time Limit - Time limit in seconds a subscriber has to take the quiz. Empty = unlimited
  • Take Quiz Once - Allow the quiz to only be taken once, it cannot be taken again unless user is required to pass in order to access the next episode.
  • Show Answers at End - Display the correct answers to the audience member once they complete the quiz.
  • Show Answers Immediately - Display the correct answer to the audience member once they submit their answer per question.
  • Rank Quiz Takers - Select this option if you would like the quiz to be associated with a leaderboard and for the results to be ranked against other results. This option must be enabled for the leaderboard function to work.
  • Allow Retake on Fail - Enables the user to retake the quiz on failure, regardless if the quiz can be taken once.
  • Show Elapsed Time - Display to the audience member their elapsed time.
  • Image - Select an image that you would like to associate with the quiz. This will be displayed in navigation panes on the end-user side. If you do not select an image, a placeholder image will be used.
  • Create Quiz (button) - Creates the quiz and attaches it to the selected episode. You will be redirected to the view quiz function to continue setting up the quiz.