Create Invoice

The create invoice function within the invoice section of the admin panel allows administrators to create invoices manually. This feature can be useful for generating invoices in instances that go beyond the automated capabilities of the Flixout platform. The invoices created using this function are strictly one-time invoices are are not recurring. If you require recurring invoices, it is highly recommended you setup and configure a purchasable plan instead and attach a subscription to it.

Form Details

The following fields are presented when you click the Create Invoice item from the menu in the admin panel. A brief description of each field is provided below for reference.

  • Select Users - Ability to select one user or multiple users that the invoice will be applied for. If you select multiple users, the same invoice will be generated for each individual user but they will be unaware that the invoice has been reused on different users. You can select the users you wish to generate the invoice for from the dropdown or you can begin typing their name to limit the resulting dropdown menu to those matching the criteria.
  • Due Date: The date that the invoice must be paid by. Note that the automatic capture function will run X days (subject to your configuration in Settings) before this due date in an attempt to capture the invoice. If there is less days than those set in the auto capture setting, the invoice will attempt to capture shortly after the invoice's creation.
  • Individual Line Items - A line item can be entered for each different item the invoice covers. You can add additional line items by pressing the green + button to the right of the screen.
    • QTY - Quantity of the items for the current line Item
    • ITEM - Name of the item being referenced
    • DESCRIPTION - A description of the item being referenced
    • PRICE - The price of each individual item
    • SUBTOTAL - Calculate automatically by multiplying QTY by the PRICE
  • Total - Calculated automatically by summing up the SUBTOTAL of each line item
  • Create Draft Invoice - This will save the invoice but not yet publish or send it. Invoices that are in the Draft stage will not be auto captured by the system, they must be in an Unpaid state.
  • Create Invoice and Send - This will finalize the invoice, sending an email to the user notifying them of the new invoice and a link where they can make payment. The invoice is then entered into the system as an Unpaid invoice unless the Due Date was set to a date less than the current date.

For additional information on how the auto payment capture process works, click here.