Create Categories

The create categories function allows administrators to organize their content into two levels of categories to make organization of episodes (videos) and live streams easy for the audience. Content can be placed in the first level category or second level category. Categories are an integral part to all use cases of the Flixout platform and should be one of the first things setup by an administrator.

To understand how content is organized better, when navigating to the platform on the end-user side, you come to the landing page. The landing page presents different episodes that are hosted throughout your channel including each course. Users also have the option of going directly to courses by clicking the Course menu item at the top of the page. A course is the top most category that contains chapters and episodes. Chapters are a subcategory of courses and contain only episodes, no additional subcategories. The following is a basic layout that you can pick when organizing your video collection:

  • Category -> Episodes
  • Category -> Sub-category -> Episodes
  • Category -> Sub-category -> Episodes
    Category -> Episodes

Below you will find a description of each data field presented on the Create Categories page of the admin panel. 

Field Data

  • Parent Categories - This is where this category should be placed. If you have made no previous category before, this first entry will be a parent category no matter what. Subsequent entries can either be a parent category (top-level category) or a child category (a sub-category of a particular category). If you have made a previous category, you can select it from the Parent Category to make this entry a category
  • Name - Name of the category, this will be displayed in multiple locations throughout the platform
  • URL Friendly Name - An alpha numeric entry that can contain underscores and dashes that makes search engine optimization (SEO) possible (example: my-first-course or my_1st_course). This must be unique and not match any previous category.
  • Order - When displayed on the main page or that of the category, in what order should this particular category be displayed. A lower number is displayed first, in the event of a tie, the category created first will be displayed before subsequent categories matching the order number.
  • Description - A description of what your audience can expect to experience from this category.
  • Tags - Tag your category with some keywords that reflect the content you plan to make available here.
  • Small Image - Displayed when presenting the multiple category options to pick from (optional, if no upload is made, it will be generated automatically from the episodes contained within this category, until a video is uploaded, a simple placeholder image is used)
  • Large Image -  The splash screen that is displayed when selecting this category, also used as the rotating splash screen on the main page (optional, if no upload is made, it will be generated automatically from the episodes contained within this category, until a video is uploaded, a simple placeholder image is used)
  • Force User to Watch Videos in Order - Tick this box if you require your audience to watch episodes in the order specified by the video order attribute. Users will not be able to skip ahead until all previous episodes to that episode have been watched in their entirety.
  • Quiz Must Be Passed Before Continuing - If an associated quiz is paired with an episode, the quiz must be passed before the audience member can watch any episode after.
  • Video Must Be Watched Before Taking Quiz - If an associated quiz is paired with an episode, the episode must be watched in its entirety before the member can attempt to take the quiz.
  • Show Quizzes in the Category Next to Prospective Video - If a quiz is associated with an episode, it will be displayed as the next item in the category.
  • Show Description of Videos when Browsing Category - If you wish to display the description of an episode while a user browses a category, select this option
  • Show Who Stars in a Video when Browsing Category - If your episode has a star associated with it, their name and a link to their profile will be displayed with the episode.
  • Category is Browsable without Purchase - Visitors can browse the category and view everything except the video itself. This is ideal for sites looking to attract the general public's interest via search engines.
  • Category Visible and Live to Users - Select this option to make the category active. Deselecting this option will hide the category and any subcategory within it.
  • Create Category button - Creates the category entry as setup in the fields above.