Cancel Subscription

The cancel subscription functionality allows administrators to cancel a subscription manually or on behalf of a customer. Note that it is not required for a subscriber to cancel a subscription as they have the ability to cancel the subscription themselves via the end-user profile subscription management page. This method gives an alternative way for administrators to cancel a subscription if needed.

Administrators can cancel subscriptions on any page where subscriptions are listed and the cancellation button is available. Upon clicking the Cancel button, all outstanding invoices where the invoice has not yet been paid in full and for invoices having a due date of less than the current time will be cancelled. Invoices that are past the due date are considered to still be valid and due and will remain in the Overdue status unless changed manually to cancelled. An email will be dispatched to the subscriber confirming the cancellation of their subscription. No further invoices will be generated and only capture attempts will continue for related invoices not in the cancelled state.

Subscribers will lose access to the content that the subscription granted access to immediately unless another valid subscription is active that covers the content in the cancelled subscription.