Bulk Video Upload

The bulk video upload function found under Videos in the admin panel allows administrators to upload a large amount of videos saved locally. This is useful when you are just getting started with the platform or are adding newly created content in bulk. This function works best before creating the video details.

Form Fields

  • Add Files... - Allows you to select the video you wish to upload, upon selecting the video will be added to the list of videos to upload.  You may select multiple videos at a time from the selection dialog if the videos are in the same directory. Continue clicking this button and selecting videos until all videos you wish to upload are selected. If you have previously unprocessed videos, the newly selected videos will appear at the bottom of the table.
  • Start Upload - Once you have added all the videos you wish to upload, click this button. The videos will begin processing as you can monitor the progress via the overall status bar and each video's individual status bar.
  • Cancel Upload - Will clear your upload selections.
  • Delete - Removes the individual unprocessed video.

Once videos have been uploaded (the upload status bar disappears if there are no errors and it was successful), you can use the create video function to finish adding them to the platform.