Bulk Video Import

The bulk video import function found under the Videos section of the admin panel allows administrators to import videos from the internet. As of now, the video must be in mp4 format. Below is a list of the form fields and a description of each.

Form Fields

  • Direct Video URL - The direct URL of the video being important, this should be public facing and not password protected.
  • Trash Can (button) - Removes the field, available on subsequent fields only, not the first
  • Add Additional Video Fields (button) - Clicking this button will add additional Direct Video URL fields for bulk importing
  • Import Videos (button) - Begins the video importation process. This is an automated process that will complete in the background. Depending on how many videos you are importing, their size, the the connection speed of the location where they are being retrieve from, this can take a while. You may refresh this page to check the status of the import, as the videos are ready, they will show up in the table below.

Video Table

The video table presents all unprocessed videos in the system through both the bulk upload and import process. If you wish to remove an unprocessed video, simply click the Delete button. Note that unprocessed videos are removed after a week automatically.