Auto Payment Capture

This page describes the methodology of how invoices are paid automatically without intervention of the administrator or audience member.


The auto capture function of the Flixout platform will attempt to capture payment for any invoice that meets the following criteria:

  • Invoice is in an Unpaid or Overdue state
  • The invoice amount is greater than $0.00
  • The due date is less than or equal to the current date PLUS the number of days auto capture is set to run before the due date.
  • The user associated with the invoice has at least one payment method on file


Auto capture attempts to capture invoices that meet the above conditions hourly. When an invoice is declined, auto capture will attempt to capture the invoice again using the following criteria:

  • 3 days before due date
  • 2 days before due date
  • Due date
  • 1 day after due date
  • 7 days after due date
  • 14 days after due date
  • 30 days after due date
  • 60 days after due date
  • 90 days after due date
  • 180 days after due date

An email is sent to the user each time an attempt is made informing them if the capture succeeded or failed.


Once all capture attempts have failed, the system will no longer try to capture the invoice automatically and it will remain in an overdue state. If an invoice is past due, the associated subscription will move to a suspended state preventing access to any content access was granted to by the plan the subscription is attached to.