This chapter covers the features and usage of the Videos section in the admin panel.

Create Video

The create video function, also referred to the episode function throughout the documentation, found within the videos item of the admin panel navigation creates a video entry within the platform and allows administrators to set the details of the video in preparation for viewing on the end-user interface. 


  1. You should create the course and/or chapter you wish to place the video in before continuing.
  2. There are different steps that administrators can take to upload the videos, including uploading the video on the next page of this function but that may not be ideal if you are uploading many videos. If you wish to upload videos in bulk or you wish to import the videos (individually or in bulk) from a web address, it is recommended you do that first before continuing.

Data Fields

To create an entry for the video, a few data fields must be filled out first. Below we will list the data fields and describe their functionality.

Upload Video

This section will allow you to upload a single video to the previously create video entry. The following form fields are available on this page:

Upload Captions

If you wish to upload a captions file to your video, the file must be in vtt format and comply with the related specification. The following fields are available on the Upload Captions function:

List Videos

The list videos function contained within the navigation pane of the admin panel allows administrators to view the videos currently uploaded into the platform. Below is a list of the presented data table and a description of each column.

Data Table

View Video

The video video function allows you to view the video in the administration panel. In addition to viewing the video, you can click on the following buttons to perform an action.

Action Options

Edit Video

The edit video function allows you to change the attributes and details of an existing video with the administrator panel. The following is a list of the form fields along with their descriptions.

Form Fields

Change Video

The change video button allows you to upload a new video replacing the existing video. Upon successful upload, the platform will being the automated process to transcode and encode the video along with generating any images for use throughout the platform.

Form Fields

Change Captions

The change captions functions allows you to upload a new captions file replacing the current captions file. Note that captions file must be in the vtt format.

Form Fields

Bulk Video Upload

The bulk video upload function found under Videos in the admin panel allows administrators to upload a large amount of videos saved locally. This is useful when you are just getting started with the platform or are adding newly created content in bulk. This function works best before creating the video details.

Form Fields

Once videos have been uploaded (the upload status bar disappears if there are no errors and it was successful), you can use the create video function to finish adding them to the platform.

Bulk Video Import

The bulk video import function found under the Videos section of the admin panel allows administrators to import videos from the internet. As of now, the video must be in mp4 format. Below is a list of the form fields and a description of each.

Form Fields

Video Table

The video table presents all unprocessed videos in the system through both the bulk upload and import process. If you wish to remove an unprocessed video, simply click the Delete button. Note that unprocessed videos are removed after a week automatically.